Friday, May 8, 2015

May- where we're at...

Happy May!  Not too much new to report but would like to continue to highlight our fundraising efforts and give an adoption update.

We are still awaiting our I 800a approval from Immigration (US).  We are 23 days into our wait and the most recent and quickest turn around time I've seen has been 48 days... so half way there? (this is my "trying to be excited" face) We continue to pray for speedy processing.  

Corbin has been very good at praying for all the details.  One night at bedtime, I explained how this important stack of papers was making its way across the country via fedex truck.  It was then delivered to an office where people would send our paperwork to an officer to review everything.  The officer would approve our paperwork and send it all back to us, and then we'd send it to China, and then we could start searching for his little sister.  Nearly every night, he prays for the FedEx driver and truck, the officer who looks at our papers, the airplanes that will take things to China.... and of course for his little sister to know that we are coming to bring her home soon.  I get anxious in the waiting, my mind wanders to the unknowns and the what ifs, and I easily become frustrated in the whole process.  But each night I'm reminded to remember the little details- like the FedEx driver- by my almost 4 year old and his heartfelt prayers (and over-the-top love for all things truck).

My etsy site is up and all proceeds go to our adoption.  I'm focusing on sweet little necklaces and love to make custom orders.  If there's a favorite Bible verse, quote, or personal saying that you'd love to have, contact me!

And if you'd like to visit our youcaring site and see our fundraising progress (and contribute to it if you are led to do so!) check it out below.  We appreciate all of your prayers and support- join us in saying a pray for our paperwork... and for Mr. FedEx as it makes its way back to us hopefully very soon!