Monday, July 23, 2012

Corbin-o Turns One!

Today is Corbin's First Birthday!  We celebrated with family and few of 'his friends' yesterday with a Boxes and Balloons party.  We decided on our theme based on Corbin's favorite things- cardboard and balloons.  It turned out to be a fun (and cheap) party to bring together.  Here's the invitation I designed:

For the last few weeks Mr. Incredible and I have collected cardboard boxes from friends, family, dumpsters, etc!  Then each night once Corbin was in bed, I would fire up the glue gun and get my xacto knife 'on' and make various cardboard creations.

Here's kind of a view of the scene:

(there's a baby in one end of that castle box... not just an adult with his head in.  Sorry Jake for the unfortunate photo!)

The boxes seemed to be a hit- the babies climbed through and enjoyed opening and closing the doors and windows... success!

We added some fun red and brown/white touches...

Auntie Mandy made her secret recipe Sangria for the adults to enjoy:

And oh, what first birthday party would be complete without a smash cake?

Well our smash cake went unsmashed as Corbin-o decided cake was evil and worthy of throwing a crying fit over.

We gave up on the cake and Corbin enjoyed an ice cream cone instead (finally proof that he is my son too!)

Happy Birthday Corbin-o!  What a year its been!

I'll post a year of Corbin-o photos in a bit ;)


  1. Such a great party! Love it;)

  2. Such a fabulous idea for a party... AND Man on Man the execution was awesome as well!