Friday, March 11, 2016

90 days

Ninety days. Twelve weeks.  Three months. That's how long Mila has been HOME. I vacillate between feeling like we're just barely staying afloat and figuring this new life out and being perplexed that it's only been twelve weeks- hasn't she been here forever?  Today was one of those 'it's only been twelve week?' kind of days. We began working through one more Mila mystery at our first occupational therapy appointment today. We are seeing a 'Feeding Team' to help introduce Mila to solid foods.

We arrived a little early but Mila was having a wonderland time finding 'treasures' in my purse and being confounded by the automatic doors in the dr office. Our therapist Katherine called us back eventually and took us to a small room with kid- sized tables and chairs. She read through the notes in Mila's file and handed me a stack of articles about picky eaters. She then asked, "so, how long has she been having feeding trouble?"  I answered, "She's been in our family for three months..." 

"You're kidding?! She seems so settled! And you adopted her?"

I gave her a little background... And then she started crying. The therapist. Not Mila. 

"I am just SO excited to be working with you guys!"

We spent the next hour dipping graham crackers in apple sauce and practicing chewing on the sides of our mouths. There were lots of exclamations of "Amazing! She is just amazing!" And analogies of watching a flower bloom on a time lapse video (seriously- we apparently got the overly-poetic occupational therapist!). I left with a set of instructions, a plan in place!, and directions to disregard the picky eating articles since that's clearly not the issue. And we managed to get squeezed into a follow up appointment in a few weeks (despite a fully booked month for the office). 

So we are putting spoons away and playing with our food.  There are plans to introduce dipping and thicker, stickier textures to encourage her little tongue to move food towards her teeth. And so far (and it's only been two meals and a couple hours so early I know) she's eating it up! (Pun intended!). It helps that her partner in crime, Leo, is eager to play along and try new foods and play with whipped cream with his fingers too.

Here's to our next twelve weeks- whatever progress they may hold, we will walk that path one step at a time with our Mighty Mila. 

Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Months!

A long car ride in busy traffic, photos and signatures on lots of paperwork, one very solemn and scared  little girl.  Afraid to trust, weary and suspicious of this strange person called 'mama.'  The next month brought her first plane ride, first ride in a car seat, and insta-family. It also brought home and brothers and a big sloppy dog that patiently waited for her to fall in love. And slowly, each day things became a little more permanent, a little more forever.  And mama wasn't so bad anymore either.  The next month we experienced doctor appointments and nursery at church.  Again, trust was strengthened as mama and dad always came back.  Siblings fought but began learning that three was better than two. And though there are boundaries and a new favorite word- "No!"- we are all settling in. Three months. Over three pounds gained, new language being understood and slowly sampled, physical milestones sailing by (she runs! She jumps!), and lots and lots of smiles.  Three months since family day Mighty Mila!