Tuesday, March 1, 2016

3 Months!

A long car ride in busy traffic, photos and signatures on lots of paperwork, one very solemn and scared  little girl.  Afraid to trust, weary and suspicious of this strange person called 'mama.'  The next month brought her first plane ride, first ride in a car seat, and insta-family. It also brought home and brothers and a big sloppy dog that patiently waited for her to fall in love. And slowly, each day things became a little more permanent, a little more forever.  And mama wasn't so bad anymore either.  The next month we experienced doctor appointments and nursery at church.  Again, trust was strengthened as mama and dad always came back.  Siblings fought but began learning that three was better than two. And though there are boundaries and a new favorite word- "No!"- we are all settling in. Three months. Over three pounds gained, new language being understood and slowly sampled, physical milestones sailing by (she runs! She jumps!), and lots and lots of smiles.  Three months since family day Mighty Mila!

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