Sunday, February 22, 2015


We have this hope as an anchor for the soul, firm and secure. Hebrews 6:19

It's funny what things give us hope. Now a days, that list is rather long for me. Reading an adoption story online of a child receiving life-saving heart surgery upon arriving home; hearing news of quick paperwork turn around time from a Facebook post; being introduced to an adopted grandson while running an adoption fundraiser; watching a huge pile of quarters turn into dollars- and then hundreds of dollars; getting the nicest person answering the dr's office appointment line and working way above her pay grade to make my appointments happen. And so many other things. 
By deciding to adopt, we've stumbled into an amazing community fueled by that four letter word- HOPE. Hope for families for thrown away children. Hope for medical miracles- and financial miracles. Hope for safe travels and quick paperwork processing. Hope for strangers that have also signed on the dotted line and said,"yes, we'll do this paperchase nonesense, and heart breaking waiting if it means hope for one small child. 
Our ultimate hope is in God's promise of a homecoming greater than any earthly gotcha day or airport welcoming committee. We've already lived through this adoption process once- perhaps without agonizing over the waiting but with even more refining fire. Our adoption is secure- finalized- and our hope is without fear of failure. I am His child, for now and forever. My prayer is that someday our sweet daughter will have this same secure hope. 
So today I am enjoying those small things that give me a glimmer of hope on this earth, knowing my true hope is secure an unchangeable. 
One more appointment closer, one more dollar closer, one more day closer to having her in our arms.

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Update- 2/5

We are 1/8th of the way there!  Moving along in our 'paper chase' too with applications filled out, lots and lots of documents signed, medical exams checked off ( or at least scheduled for one of us...ahem!), and birth and marriage certificates obtained.  It's exciting to have something measurable to reference- a pile of paperwork representing scheduled appointments and long waits at county recorders offices; little squares checked off on a long checklist; and yes, that little bar under our fundraising goal slowly and steadily  moving to the right.  We don't know what our little one looks like- does she smile with her mouth open or closed? Does she have hair yet? Do the orphanage workers tie it up in tiny pigtails? But each tiny, measurable step feels like fogged up glass slowly clearing, revealing our beautiful girl, waiting for her mama and daddy. Oh and those rascally brothers who so need a little sister to provide some balance to their truck-filled, dirt-encrusted lives!  Thank you friends for following along, praying, and giving so sacrificially.  We love you!