Saturday, October 16, 2010


That first day we brought her home...

And she was so tiny- yet already had such a  mischievous look

She quickly became part of our family, posing for photos...

Trying new things...

Meeting new friends...

Putting up with our antics...

And surprising us by doing the impossible....

Happy 2nd Birthday Nora Nora!

...Here's to many more!!


Friday, October 15, 2010

a few things

I can't remember if I posted these already, but here's a few CTF creations from the past few months.

a wedding present for a friend with an affinity for asparagus...

and a few more baby onesies... this time for a cute little boy.

and a blue monster too...

I picked up a new lens- with a very wide aperture (f/1.4).  Its an all manuel lens so it takes a little more work to get the shot, but I've been enjoying the bokah!

And finally, I am deep into halloween... our house is partially decorated, projects of various levels of completion are everywhere, and I'm loving it!

Halloween at the Nielsen's will be a pirate party this year, complete with swashbuckling scallywags and a grounded ship in the front yard.  If you're in the area, come by on Halloween night and join the fun!  I'll be posting some of my projects once I finally get around to taking some photos, but here's a preview:

All hope abandon, ye who hear this tale;
Of th’ fateful night th’ ship set sail.

Th’ ship laden down with treasure of gold;
And secrets of ghosts burried deep in its hold.

Through  hurricane winds and a fearsome wave;
Th’ ship sailed on with a crew mighty brave.

Th’ Captain called orders, lost in th’ storm’s sound;
Th’ ship, she shuddered, and then ran aground.

Th’ crew was lost on th’ rocks that night;
But th’ ghosts and th’ gold remain there to fright.

Th’ haunted ship sails on th’ night of Halloween;
An’ buccaneers gather at the street called Ilene.

Come treasure hunting at the ship that sank;
But wear your best Pirate attire- or walk th’ plank!