Thursday, September 4, 2014

Summer Photo Dump

This blog has officially been neglected.  Almost abandoned.  Too much going on this season, some good, some more difficult.  Its actually because of the difficult that I haven't completely abandoned this space.  The desire to write, to share, to maybe someday have words for someone else going through 'difficult' keeps this space alive.  But today 'the difficult' is put on hold.  Too many great summer memories that demand to be recorded in this space.  So sit back, enjoy the ride of our wild and not-so wild summer.  

It mostly centers around these two...

I anticipated the joy of having babies...of having toddlers...of having boys. But not of having brothers.  Oh my heart- the mischief, the belly laughs, the spats, and the sweetness is almost too much to bear!

Church friends... little brother photobomber.

And suddenly, not so little. 

One year, gone in a heartbeat.  He analyzes the world around him, deciding how things go together, how they should work and fit.  No time for mama, but sometimes looking to big brother to be a partner in crime.  

And this one too... now three!  With more words, more ideas, more imagination.

More hats too I might add.

Can you picture them as thirteen year olds?  They probably all will have a crush on the blond girl in the front seat but will be too shy to speak to her.

Or sixteen?  Vying for that driver's license, choosing electives in school, hanging out on weekends and eating cold pizza.  I'm savoring the weekends we have now- consumed by hotwheels, plastic cups filled with milk, and the occasional scuffle that still needs to be broken up by a mama.  Cold pizza and girl crushes can wait!

Good dads.

And some actual no-kids, several nights away, couple time for Mr. Incredible and me.  To Vegas no less.

Cell phone cameras...

Blurry because we don't know exactly what to do with ourselves without scheduling nap times and kids' meals.  But we figured it out quickly and enjoyed each other's company and conversations, and adventure like the old days.

But eventually back to this... and this is good, if a little messy at times.

More thoughts and photos and fun too to come.