Saturday, July 27, 2013

We're off!

We're off to the hospital to bring home Corbin-o's little brother!  

We'll post fun- but not graphic- details soon, so stay tuned... 

Big Brother Corbin is set up with grandparents and friends for a little while 
and is excited to meet 'baby Elmo' soon!

Friday, July 26, 2013

my little reader

trying out his big boy bed with his favorite things- books, neigh neighs, and American flags!

Thursday, July 25, 2013


A quick visit to the Flying Leathernecks Museum with the Bean and Papa and Dodo.

touching the stars

discussing the finer points of aviation history

flying with Dodo


shiny old plane

a look inside

the yellow plane- Corbin's favorite

future red baron...just add scarf and goggles!

Wednesday, July 24, 2013

Are you ready for some football?

Yellow Birthday Party!

Corbin-o turned two!  In the words of the Bean's favorite cartoon, Little Einstein's, "I...Can...Not...Believe...It!"

Corbin has long been obsessed with the color yellow.  I think it started with an obsession with yellow trucks but has morphed to all things yellow- pjs, cups, food, cars, hats, shirts, and of course trucks (thank goodness there's a Penske moving truck yard near our house so we often point out yellow trucks!).  

While wrestling with whether or not to throw a birthday party this year with a new baby coming any day, a friend suggested having a yellow party for Corbin... brilliant!  So the search for yellow things began in earnest.  There were lots and lots of DIY projects including invitations, garlands, party hats, and yellow cake too.  Corbin was so excited to see the sudden influx of yellow into our home and eagerly told strangers that he was having a 'lellow party with lellow cake.'

front of the invitation

By the way, choosing a color for a party theme makes for a surprisingly simple party to throw together... unless you choose a weird color I guess.  Like puce maybe?  What color is puce?

On to the photos!

The birthday boy sporting a yellow hat

Yellow table cloth, yellow sun flowers, yellow popcorn, some homemade fabric garlands in the background, and even yellow decorations for the playhouse.

Some of the random yellow things I collected and/or painted for the party.

Birthday boy wearing another yellow hat.  I couldn't find plain yellow party hats so I doctored some multicolored ones with a little spray paint and crepe paper fringe.  Oila! Custom party hats!  Yellow pom-pom garland was also hand made for the party.

The present tent.  The kiddos LOVED piling inside to 'help' Corbin open his presents.  The tent is still hanging in our backyard because Corbin loves playing inside so much.  The yellow smiley guy in the middle is from Ikea.

We had a bubble station for the kids to play with.  We also asked everyone to wear yellow in honor of the Birthday Boy.

One of Corbin's best buds, Karson showing off his yellow apparel.

Another friend, Josh with a better look at the yellow party hats.

Dessert Cart!

Lemon Mini cupcakes with washi tape flags and sugar cookie yellow cars made by 'Dodo.' (Grandma)

Rice Krispy Treats dipped in yellow frosting with lots of yellow candies and dried fruit in the back.

My camera- shy little boy ;)

Actually enjoying his birthday cake this year!

Posing with friends in front of the playhouse.

We still have lots of yellow around the house and since his party was a few days before his actual birthday, we ended up keeping the celebration going all week long.  Here's how we celebrated the morning of his birthday:


Yellow Pancakes!

Blowing out his candle.

I will do anything for a yellow pancake. (she got Corbin's leftovers)

Happy Yellow Birthday Corbin-o!  
Can't believe how fast two years have gone!

Wednesday, July 3, 2013

when did this happen?

who is this little boy and where did my baby go?