Saturday, March 5, 2011

Gender Reveal Party

When Mr. Incredible and I found out we were having a baby, it became quite clear that we would have to find out the gender before delivery.  I believe the conversation went like this:

Me: we should wait and make it a surprise!

Mr. I: No way- there are WAY too many decisions to make before then.

Me: But wouldn't it be fun to be surprised?

Mr. I: I'll be surprised enough when we find out at 20 weeks!

So I agreed to find out early as long as we could throw a party for our family and friends and reveal the gender then.  Anything for a party- right?

So here is our take on a gender-reveal party.  There are interesting 'thoughts' floating around the web- some people love these parties and some people HATE them.  We had a great night with our friends and fam and everyone was super excited to hear our news so we're obviously pro-gender reveal party... and I think it could be a fun thing to do for a second baby especially since most people do not have actual baby showers for #2.  We did not ask for gifts- it was just a way for us to celebrate with those we love.  Those are my two cents on the politics of a gender party.  Now on to the fun stuff!

First our decor- everything pink and blue of course!

We also asked those who couldn't make it to send in their votes- pink or blue- for our absentee ballots:

We had a few simple party games set up including asking for baby name suggestions.

We asked everyone to wear either pink or blue to show their vote. (sorry for the bad photos- I guess the party was just too rowdy to worry about something like focus!)

Then we played pink v. blue games for points throughout the night.  We kept it simple- a couple rounds of Taboo, an 'Old Wives Tale Game' found here, and a dance off on the Wii (the highlight of the night!)

My mom made incredible King Cakes for dessert:

Everyone was anxious for our reveal- pink?

Or blue?



Pink or Blue?

Sorry... I had to get these photos in somewhere...especially since I made all the poms!

Here's how we did the reveal... actually, this was ALL Mr. Incredible:

A few brought fun gifts... and I realized how well my friends/family know Mr. I and me!

Go Padres!

And this was just too funny:

So I guess I should put a few of these up just to be consistent:

And that's the saga of the Nielsen Gender-Reveal Party of 2011.  Our little house was filled to capacity, there was LOTS of loud laughter, and for me it was a great way to face the reality a bit that in a few months another Nielsen will be here- disrupting our lives like we could never imagine... but in a good way I think ;)


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