Thursday, March 17, 2011

NCAA Brackets...

Mr. Incredible and some work buddies are posting their bracket predictions for the NCAA 2011 Championship games on the wall of their cube.  Since for some reason its always fun to have people who know nothing about basketball participate in these things, he brought one home for me to fill out too.  I made all my picks based on which school's colors were the least tacky (with just a little bias for SDSU).

I also came up with the brilliant idea of letting Nora fill out a bracket too.  So Mr. I set up a simple, dog-friendly way to pick which team would win each game.

First, set out two pieces of Nora-food in a neutral location.

I think he alternated the higher ranked team from left to right to make sure Nora didn't have a bias...

Second, release the hound!

Nora made her pick by which piece of food was consumed first.  And she made some strange picks I hear... I guess there's a school called Wofford that she picked to win it all!  (I did see that their mascot is a terrier so maybe there was something to her picks aside from food...)

We'll keep you posted if Nora wins the big money from her bracket picks!


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