Sunday, March 27, 2011

BABYmoon part 1

Mr. Incredible and I are in Kauai, Hawaii to celebrate our 5th year anniversary and enjoy one last great vacation without the responsibility of another person (particularly a small, smelly, noisy person).

So to celebrate our five year, or the fact that I'm five months preggo we went on a five mile hike (not recommended... well the hike is very recommended but the 5 months preggo thing not so much).

We headed up to Waimea Canyon and were treated to a rare, clear view:

From there we drove further into Koke'e forest to the Pihea Trail... which led to AMAZING views of the Na Pali Coast:

Here we are all clean and not exhausted:

But that soon changed... but first, a lesson in what a professional mud trail hiker looks like:

Note the water shoes, big stick, and box of Cheezits... because mud hiking really zaps your energy!

We soon looked more like this photo... but with more mud:

We took the Pihea Trail to the Alakai Swamp Trail (just for you JT):

And it was incredible!  Ferns, moss, lots of mud... unlike any place we had ever seen with our own eyes.  Photos hardly do it justice but here's one of the jungle trail through the swamp:

After trudging through the swamp, we decided to start heading back up (and down) the mountain... basically back through more mud.  But we made good time and were rewarded with more amazing sights.  Check out our feet here:

5 miles, five months, five years... fun day and a memory we'll never forget!



  1. That reminds me of our Napali hike...mud and gorgeous views! Have so much fun! Kauai is one of our fav places ever!! Kelli

  2. How exciting! Have fun guys. Eat lots of shave ice!