Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things I do

I sing loudly and use my steering wheel as a drum set whenever songs by Third Eye Blind of Weezer come on the radio.  Sometimes people stare at me.  But I can't help it- its like my own little high school reunion in my Corolla!

I honk at people when I think they deserve it.  But in a nice way.

I wave at (most of) my neighbors.

I have intelligent conversations with my dog.  They are mostly one-sided but once in awhile Nora answers back.

I cry at just about any sappy email or news story involving one or any combination of the following: dogs, the military, and children singing.

I make gifts.  Unless I procrastinate.

I take pictures of my feet whenever something momentous in my life happens.  I feel compelled to document certain things but usually am at a loss for how to do it... so I photograph my feet.

Which brings me to this point... remember this blog?

This is a photograph of my awesome grey and red socks.  The momentous event that merited such a photograph was finding out that our little family would be growing by one!  Come the end of July, Mr. Incredible, Nora, and I will welcome the newest member of our family.  Big changes are coming... That probably means more feet photos!

There, the news is official- its been blogged ;)

Monday, January 24, 2011


I want to tell you about a man named Tom.  He was born in 1925 in Little Rock, Arkansas.  At just 17 years old, Tom joined the Navy to fight submarines in World War II.

  Tom, right, with brother.

He loved one woman, Laverna, and made her his bride as soon as he was honorably discharged from the Navy.

His training in the Navy coupled with a quick mind led Tom to many electrical engineering positions.  He continued to develop projects for the US government as well as invent new machines in a variety of fields.

Tom worked on the Apollo project and developed the precision radar used on the Minuteman Missile.  At the same time, he was bringing up six boys at home.

His knowledge of electronics and radio and his commitment to serve God brought him to the doors of many mission agencies.  

From installing radio equipment in South America to founding organizations such as The Navigators, Tom and his family soon found themselves involved in full-time ministry.

As the children grew up and moved out, Tom and Laverna continued ministry, this time planting churches in Mexico.

Tom was a gentle man who loved spending time with his grandson- his 'little buddy.'

As he and Laverna reached retirement age, they continued to serve faithfully at their church, on mission boards, and with their family.

I will remember Tom as the person my dad always called for advice, as a man who loved and cared for God's creation- especially the fruit trees and rose bushes...

And as a man who continues to inspire so many people to hope in an eternal life with his Lord Jesus Christ.

We laid Tom, my grandfather, to rest at Rosecrans National Cemetery after a long fight with cancer.  While I admired my grandfather for being just that- my grandfather- after his passing, I have learned more about his remarkable life and the many, many people he touched.

His battle is over, the pain is gone, and now he lives forever with his beloved Creator.

'One life is past... what's done for Christ will last.'  
Thomas T. Sorrels, May 25, 1925- December 29, 2010

Evil Twin...

...is on the LEFT!

But he sure is cute!


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Poll!

There's a new set of twins at one of the orphanages we work in.

Like most sets of twins, there is one evil twin and one good twin.  Now, there is some disagreement among the H2H Staff about classifying one as evil- some think its too harsh a term while others think they are both evil twins.  I showed this photo to my mom and she correctly guessed right away which was the good twin and which was the 'evil twin.'

I was intrigued... could a photo tell that much or was it a lucky guess?  A blog poll seems to be in order so please cast your vote: is the evil twin on the left or the right? (and for those of you who actually do know which is which and can tell them apart in the photo-mark and rebecca- don't give it away!)

Thursday, January 13, 2011

Apple technology meets Romanian orphans

iPad fun in Romania with littlest girls from orphanage:

Saturday, January 1, 2011

Happy New Year!

From the Mustachioed Nielsen's