Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Blog Poll!

There's a new set of twins at one of the orphanages we work in.

Like most sets of twins, there is one evil twin and one good twin.  Now, there is some disagreement among the H2H Staff about classifying one as evil- some think its too harsh a term while others think they are both evil twins.  I showed this photo to my mom and she correctly guessed right away which was the good twin and which was the 'evil twin.'

I was intrigued... could a photo tell that much or was it a lucky guess?  A blog poll seems to be in order so please cast your vote: is the evil twin on the left or the right? (and for those of you who actually do know which is which and can tell them apart in the photo-mark and rebecca- don't give it away!)


  1. The one on the right looks too innocent...I vote the one on the right is the evil twin ;)

  2. I'll guess the one on the left, just because the one on the right was my first thought and that's probably what the one on the left is counting on...

  3. its always the kid that smiles...he's got some tricks up his sleeve

  4. It's totally the one to the very far right who's not even facing the camera. You can't even see his face, just the back of his blue beanie. He's probably lighting something on fire.