Tuesday, January 25, 2011

things I do

I sing loudly and use my steering wheel as a drum set whenever songs by Third Eye Blind of Weezer come on the radio.  Sometimes people stare at me.  But I can't help it- its like my own little high school reunion in my Corolla!

I honk at people when I think they deserve it.  But in a nice way.

I wave at (most of) my neighbors.

I have intelligent conversations with my dog.  They are mostly one-sided but once in awhile Nora answers back.

I cry at just about any sappy email or news story involving one or any combination of the following: dogs, the military, and children singing.

I make gifts.  Unless I procrastinate.

I take pictures of my feet whenever something momentous in my life happens.  I feel compelled to document certain things but usually am at a loss for how to do it... so I photograph my feet.

Which brings me to this point... remember this blog?

This is a photograph of my awesome grey and red socks.  The momentous event that merited such a photograph was finding out that our little family would be growing by one!  Come the end of July, Mr. Incredible, Nora, and I will welcome the newest member of our family.  Big changes are coming... That probably means more feet photos!

There, the news is official- its been blogged ;)


  1. yah...congrats!! Babies are awesome!!

  2. Looking forward to many more sock pics!

  3. I always liked that sock feet photo and now it's even cooler!

  4. Lucky baby...all those MONSTER ONESIES! :)