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Day 9: Be...

I'm not sure on this one... what do you think?  Corbin wants us to be...

Submit your best 'be' and I'll make it into a Corbin-poster!

Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Another Random Post

1. Lying to the Government: I had to go to the DMV to renew my license.  Boo.  With Corbin.  Double Boo.  But it turned out to be a mostly painless visit.  I nailed my vision test.  Oh yeah.  As I wrote out my check for $31, the DMV guy asked if my height and weight were still the same.  To which I replied, "Uhhhh, sure."  And he didn't bat an eye.  (Smart man).  I'm pretty sure I haven't updated my height and *ahem* weight since I got my license when I turned 16.  So its pretty safe to say it is no longer accurate.  But I wasn't about to tell the greasy headed DMV guy with his Coach leather ID lanyard (they must pay well at CA DMV) my real weight.  Ha!  But it struck me as weird that Mr. Coach asked me the question expecting me to 'lie.'  Like it probably would have shocked him if I said, "Well Mr. Coach, actually I haven't weighed that much since I was 15 and since I've now been through college and gotten married and had a kid and all that you should probably round that number up a bit."  But I really didn't have the guts for that... and I was really trying to get out of there before Corbin realized just how awesome it would be to melt down in the middle of the DMV office.

2. Windshield Wiper Peer Pressure: I'm going to admit something embarrassing (as if admitting that my drivers license weight isn't true isn't embarrassing enough).  I've never heard anyone else talk about this so I have two theories: a.) this is a unique situation to me or b.) this is really common and no one is brave enough to admit it.  If 'b' is true, then I hope this is a liberating moment for those of you in the closet.  May you all come out and own up to this.  Amen.  OK, so I have wind shield wiper peer pressure issues.  It rarely rains enough in So Cal to merit using wind shield wipers.  But when it does, I find myself constantly checking to see if my wiper 'speed' is similar to other drivers around me.  Like if my wipers are going faster than other cars then I feel kind of foolish and turn my speed down.  This is made more unfortunate by the fact that my Corolla only has like two speeds- Speed One is like someone in the car in front of you spit out the window and it landed on your car and you need to clean it off with like one wipe.  And then five minutes later it wipes again.  And Speed Two is HYPER SUPER WARP SPEED I'M AFRAID MY WIPER BLADES ARE GOING TO CREATE ENOUGH THRUST TO MAKE MY CAR AIR BORN.  So if I'm on Speed Two, most other cars are wind shield wiping (?!?) much slower than me, but Speed One means I can't see out the darn windshield.  Ah, the dilemmas I face in life!  When it rains I feel like I'm back in Jr. High checking out all the other girls' outfits to see if I'm 'cool enough' for the day.  Oi.

3.  Grown Men and Babies: I should say grown women too but for some reason that's more ok.  I'm constantly left speechless by the effect the Great Corbin-o has on adults- especially of the male variety.  On numerous occasions grown men have been turned to baby-talking giants as they pass by my baby.  I'm sure any baby.  But I only have my baby to observe this.  So an example is in order I believe:
Corbin is chilling in the seat of a shopping cart.  BTW- he's tiny so he does look extra cute sitting there by himself with his little bald head and open- mouthed smile.  So he's sitting in the shopping cart.  Enter Behemoth Man.  Beer belly, unshaven face, dirty shirt from working hard moving heavy stuff I'm sure.  He scowls at all who dare make eye contact with him because he's obviously on a mission- get in store, get whatever he came for (probably MEAT)(or beer maybe) and get back to wherever he came from.  Behemoth Man spots Corbin- who sizes up his challenge casually.  He locks Behemoth in his steely gaze and turns on the cuteness.  Suddenly Behemoth is reduced to a blubbery baby-talking giant.  I'm talking "OOoooo hey there big guy- whojagoojie coochie coo? Whojagoojie coochie coo?  Goojie Goojie Coo!!"  Meanwhile I'm left scratching my head at the absurdity (and plotting how I can snap a photo of this somehow to post on this blog.  Didn't happen unfortunately.)  Women do this too but like I said its just not as weird for some reason.

4.  You Give Love a Bad Name: I was at work (yeah I still do that from time to time) and heard an unsettling message on our answering machine.  It was an older individual who had called to inform us about a past team member's life choices.  The caller was filled with spite and obviously very worked up over this team member's 'evil deeds.'  The caller kept repeating phrases ("Get Wise!  Get Wise!") and called the team member a sinner and a bold faced liar.  Now, we know all about the team member and from the gist of the call, we probably know more details than the woman on the phone.  And I would even go to say that the team member is a friend of mine.  So I know this personal connection made the phone call sting more, but I didn't realize how upset this phone call made me until I was driving home that night (upset enough to get over my wiper speed anxiety).  I couldn't (and still can't) see things from the caller's perspective- and I've tried to understand what would make someone call a third party to 'tell' on someone else- and in such a vicious way.  I'm assuming here, but I can't imagine the caller had anything at stake by the team member's choices or even knew the team member personally.  People are mean.  I get that.  But if I factor in a Christian perspective it gets even more troubling.  The caller felt that she was doing the 'right thing' according to Christ by calling the other person a liar and being so spiteful.  That is not the kind of Christianity that I follow.  I'm struggling here with my next sentence- I want to say that Christ Himself would not approve of that kind of judgmental behavior but I realize that by saying that I am being judgmental too.  Argh.  I guess I just kind of 'get it' why so many people are turned off by the church if this is the kind of representation we have in the world.  I makes me very aware of how we are to be Christ and Christ's love to the world- and how much of an impact our actions, attitudes, and yes, words have on those around us.  The distinguishing characteristic of my faith is grace- that Christ forgives all of us sinners (because we ALL are sinners- no better or worse than the next guy) and through His amazing grace, we are redeemed.  While contemplating all this, Bon Jovi's song "You Give Love a Bad Name" came on the radio.  I realized this is exactly what we have to guard against as Christ- followers- giving love a bad name to the world.  In ministry you sometimes see the worst of people, but I want to leave on a positive note and the opposite is true- we also see the very, very best of people too.  Like the older couple who call the office- husband on one phone and wife on another phone- to make a sizable donation to help children in Romania.  Or the university students who give up their whole summer to camp with orphaned teens.  Or the middle aged women who spend two weeks rocking and cuddling babies in Romania and realize they still have a lot to offer the world.  Or any of our full time missionaries and the sacrifices they make every single day to share God's love.  They are giving love a good name.  And the team member who was the subject of that phone call- despite some of the challenges they have faced this past year, I know that they are giving love a good name each and every day too in a very significant way.

Day 8: Be...

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Design Help!

Alright all you design savvy blog readers- I need your help!  A few months ago we purchased a Scamp camper.  It is in unbelievable condition- readers over at a camper forum claim it looks brand new after seeing our photos- but it needs some sprucing up.  For some reason all these little camper manufacturers seem to think tweedy plaids in pale blues and tans and polyester cornflower blue curtains are the way to go.  I don't really get it.  For being such a cool design thing in and of itself (kitchen! bathroom! bed! storage! all in 10 feet of space!) I wonder why they revert back to the dull drums of country living in the midwest for their interior design...

So all that to say, we are doing a few design projects on our scamper... reupholstering the dinette seats, new curtains, new drawer pulls, and adding accessories that match (there's really only so much you really can do with such limited space and since everything is really in great condition, we're not touching the wood cabinets, kitchen fixtures, etc).  I've put together a few color inspiration boards of 'themes' or color combos that I think would look cool.  Here's where you come in...

Tell me which one you like!  Check out this post to see what it looks like now if you need to visualize it a little more...

Option #1: Navy and Gray (with two accent options- tell me which one you like!)

Options #2: Red and Aqua

Option #3: Gray and Yellow

Option #4: Vintage Red, White, and Blue (really navy and tan with pops of red)

Ready, Set, GO!


Day 4: Be...

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Just a friendly reminder from Corbin-o the Magnificent to BE SUPER today! Tune in tomorrow for another challenge from Corbin...

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Valentine's Day recap

Valentine Day?  Valentine's Day??  I don't know... grammar fail or whatever.

So we did our usual tradition for V-day (which I now realize I explain every year on this blog) of making a fancy dinner together at home.  We've done shrimp, crab legs, tenderloin, beef wellington, sushi.  I've blogged about a bunch of them (and I also added this snarky post back in 2009...oh I should have known that would come back to bite me!).  This year Mr. Incredible wanted to do LIVE lobster.  "It'll be so fresh and cool to make."  I was kind of squeamish about it all... I'm fine with preparing freshly caught fish, I know where my burgers come from, but lobsters kind of have faces and seem more substantial than a fish.  And having its living, blinking, beady eyes staring at me just prior to being on my dinner plate just might be a little much.

But I obliged and we went on a Lobster Hunt over the weekend to find fresh, living, lobster (to be purchased the day of because what would we do with live lobster for two days??? Mr. I already nixed the idea of storing them in the fish tank...).  With Corbin in tow, we clawed our way through three crazy busy Asian markets back to the fish section only to turn up empty handed (we did find some unusual products and received plenty of stares for being the only white people in said markets but no delicious crustacean to be had).  We ended up getting frozen lobster tails from Costco.  Mr. Incredible was disappointed... but still looking forward to a lobster dinner.

Now I need to add a little side note about lobster, being cheapskates, etc.  Our usual Valentine's Day tradition is great for a variety of reasons but namely because its so dang cheap!  We can have the most expensive item on a menu in our own home for a fraction of the price... However, lobster is subject to market prices and even at Costco, they were twenty bucks a pop (or tail or fish or something).  So this was a little pricey for us.  But we bit the bullet and even threw in a $10 wine to go with our lobster (whoa!! big spenders!!)

We 'researched' how to prepare our extravagant purchase (i.e. we watch youtube videos of people making lobster... there's surprisingly a lot of people whose contribution to humanity includes youtube videos of themselves preparing seafood...anyone sense a new calling on their lives?  Just asking...) and when Mr. Incredible came home from work we went about preparing the lobster.  The number one rule we discovered in all of the youtube lobster videos is Thou Shall Not Overcook Your Lobster (or you will end up eating very expensive fishy-tasting rubber).  So we were were cautious.

Here's our lobsters pre-cooking:

Did I mention these were huge?  Like almost didn't fit in my 13 inch pan and each one over 1 lb??

We set the timer, turned on the over light so we could carefully monitor things, and followed our cooking instructions exactly.

When the timer beeped, I removed the lobsters and leerily looked at the translucent meat.

"I don't think they're done."- me

"Don't overcook them!!!!"- Mr. I

I won this round and they went back in the over for a few more minutes.  That seemed to do the trick as the tops looked nice and white so we took them out and sat down for our Valentine's feast.

It was delicious.  Corbin was cooperating for the most part and just starting to look wimpery from his scooter car thingy but I figured we could make it through dinner before he melted down and required holding.

I was happily munching along when suddenly the bite in my mouth turned to slime.  I felt the color drain from my face as my stomach immediately tried to figure out how to send everything in it back out.  I gripped the table and stared at Mr. I with wide eyes and a moan.

ME: "I don't think its done."

HIM: "What?!  What's wrong with you?  Its fine.  If mine is done, then you's definitely is."

ME: "ooooooohhhhhhhhhh."

HIM: "Don't tell me you're not going to eat your $20 lobster???"

So I regained my composure and picked carefully at the crusty part on top.  And ate my salad.  And some bread.  And scooted my RAW lobster around on my plate.  Until Mr. Incredible started gagging across the table.

HIM: "I don't think mine is done."

So our lobsters got sent back to the oven... twice actually.  And Corbin realized, hey, they seem to be enjoying themselves too much not holding a baby at the table, and turned into a terrorist... a valentine's day terrorist.

Eventually our lobster turned out ok... but even though it was unspoken (because they cost $40!!!!) we didn't really enjoy each bite as we carefully considered if it was indeed done or still RAW!  (RAW LOBSTER IN MY MOUTH EW EWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWEWWWW!)

So that was our 1st V-day with a baby.  Next year we'll maybe get a sitter and go see a movie or something.  At least the $10 wine was good.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Happy Valentine's Day!

He'll hate this when he's older...

Thursday, February 2, 2012

Baby Boogers

Someone once said sick babies make them nervous.  I couldn't agree more.  Corbin has been suffering through a cold for over a week now but thankfully hasn't had a fever and is pretty happy despite miserable symptoms.  That is, except when I bring out these characters:

Corbin was sick with a cold when he was about 3 weeks old and it was easy.  Wipe his nose, suck out the snot, let the baby sleep.  Now at six months, he knows what that blue nasal aspirator (or snot sucker thing as we refer to it) is and what it means.  At the sight of it, he throws up his arms, thrashing around, rolls his head back and cries pitifully (and sometimes forcefully).  I'm not sure who taught him to hate having his nose/face wiped (note to self- check with Mr. Incredible about 'prescribed boy curriculum.').

So at least twice a day we go through our song and dance about me trying to clean out his nose and make his life so much better and he acting like I'm sucking his brains out to eat for lunch.  He hates it.  And why are baby boogers so dang sticky?  Really- if you know, please comment.  I'm baffled.  Someone should harvest them and use them to repair leaking dams and broken pieces of the space shuttle.  It would seriously work.

So this morning we did our thing before nap time.  Corbin turned into his angry baby eel and slipped and flailed around while I struggled to aim the sucker towards his nose.  I made contact- SCHLUUUUURRP!  And then he lurched dangerously out of my arms and in my effort to SAVE HIS LIFE, I squeezed the sucker again and sent his extra schlurpy booger flying.  Ew...

I secured Corbin and had to SEARCH the room for said snot.  (So not what I thought I would EVER spend time doing...blechhhh!).  It was nowhere to be found.  Meanwhile, Mr. Corbin decided life was miserable again:

And worked himself up to a good cry.  I turned to take care of the little guy- and discovered his nasty, GIANT, snot ball attached to his eyelid!!!!!!!!!!  GROSS GROSS GROSS.

And of course I couldn't just wipe it away- it was glued with the super strength power that all baby snot has to my poor little guy's face.  Did I mention I was grossed out yet?

(No- I did not take a photo of Corbin's Space Snot- I have standards for this blog, ya know?)

Now, all you seasoned parents out there knowingly shaking your heads and thinking, 'She doesn't even know gross, "  I know.  There's much worse.  And much worse coming my way.  I'm aware.  I'm working my way towards handling it all.  But we can't deny snot should definitely be on the Gross List of Baby Stuff... the only thing that can make it grosser is this product- that I thankfully did not receive as a shower gift:

This is an example of why we should be weary of Swedes.  But please don't mention I said that to Mr. Incredible- I might never be allowed back in Ikea if you do!