Tuesday, January 3, 2012


We have a new family member!

This is our 2003 13 foot long Scamp camping trailer.  Despite the fisheye photo it really is tiny!

Here's a few interior shots (again with the fisheye... its just too tiny to take with a normal lens!)

This is from the dinette looking towards the kitchen and bathroom (yes- it has a bathroom, with a shower!)

Here's looking back towards the dinette that makes into a full-size (ish) bed.

For our maiden voyage we headed out to Aqua Caliente County Park for a few days before New Years.

We relaxed...

Built  camp fires...

Wore ridiculous matching shirts (thanks Mom!)...

We hiked and explored the nearby Mud Caves...

Corbin mostly rode along but had a few adventures of his own...

...Including flipping off the dinette seat in the Scamp and landing on his face!

He screamed a bit but then quickly got over his traumatic experience... but he did get some pretty awesome battle wounds (we're telling people he got bit by a snake).

We have plans to update the Scamp and do a few modifications but are really just looking forward to enjoying more weekend trips around Southern California.... so if you have a favorite campsite- let us know!

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