Wednesday, November 20, 2013

recent conversations

conversations with the great corbin-o... while there are some things about 2 year olds that drive me absolutely bonkers, (I'm convinced Job wouldn't have 'the patience of Job' if he had to wait for his two year old to finish one toaster waffle) the sudden explosion of words and sentences and subsequent imagination and thought process is something I'm really enjoying.  A few examples (mama in red):

mama be careful with me...what if i'm not?...i break.

dear god, thanks for dodo and papa and you want to ask god for help? me put my underwear on.

what's your bible verse? good to allllll people... when you push molly are you following the bible?... no, she what's your bible verse?...don't push your friends.

nora! leave me be!

what are you doing out of bed?...just standing here looking around.

i have owie. i need angry bird bandaid... no you don't, you're not bleeding...i bleeding, i need angry bird bandaid...come here and show me where you're and here and here and here... you're not bleeding, those are your toenails...toenails?!  i have toenails!??!

what russell's dada's name?... dave...huh?!!!!

who's your friend corbin?...landon and karson and elmo!

who did you play with at church today?...the big lady. (she's 8 months pregnant)

mama! its light-time, you wake up!  mama!  you have to!

corbin, go play with something and stop bugging me...bug bug bug...

i love you corbin...i like you too mama