Wednesday, January 23, 2013


18 months old today... just checking in to say hi and show off this big guy!

That is all... have a nice day!

Monday, January 14, 2013

Happenings...and introducing....

Well it seems like Christmas was already a year ago... except at my neighbor's house apparently, because all manner of yard decor and Christmas lights are still running full steam.  Anyway...
We've been staying busy, managing 'the cold' that keeps going around, and enjoying all sorts of everyday adventures.

Here's life in our house with the help of Instagram (follow me! #christmastreeface).

Corbin-o's enjoyed playing with all his new Christmas toys, including his new 'bike!'

We've enjoyed some fun playdates with friends.  (encouraging his current obsession with boots)

And a few shopping trips with Modo (Corbin's grandma- pronounced 'do-do').

I worked on a little project for some friends nearing the end of an international adoption.

And I had a wonderful reunion with college roommates (and little boys).

And... a big announcement from the Nielsen family... our newest addition:

Meet Ralph!

(hehe did I fool you?)

A story: I love Anthropologie (the high- end women's fashion and home decor store... not the one with a 'y'...although I kind of like that too...).  I rarely buy anything from Anthropologie.  Its usually out of my price range unfortunately.  But I Love (note the capital L) their window displays and store decorations.  I'm always figuring out what exactly is used in their displays (coffee filters? paper plates? paint brush bristles?) and thinking of recreating them at home.  My mom and aunt were out shopping around new year's and stopped into an Anthro... where they discovered the winter store display items up for auction.  There were lots of snowy owls in various poses of flight and nesting and a big ol' reindeer.  My mom inquired about the auction and was quietly informed that none of the items were going for more than $20!  She knows of my love for Anthro decor and thought it would be cool to pick one up for me. So she went a little bid-crazy and signed up for several of the animals.  

A few days later she got a phone call- "Congratulations!  You've won an Anthro auction!  Come down to the store and pick up your prize!"  Yay!  So my mom and I loaded Corbin up in her subaru and headed down to the mall to pick up her auction winnings. 

After finding the loading dock side of the mall, my mom ran in to the store.  I stayed to drive the get-away car... or at least answer any mall security guards inquiries as to why we were parked next to the UPS vans... several minutes later, my mom returned with two Anthro shop girls (dressed very cutely I might add) wrestling a reindeer down the stairs.  A very large reindeer.  Like larger than a subaru could possibly transport... at least with a car seat and sleeping baby included.  After a few attempts to fit a round reindeer into a square subaru hole, we convinced them to return to the store for their screw gun to remove the reindeer's antlers.  I frantically rearranged the back seat, switching Corbin's car seat to the other side of the car, putting one side of the seat down, etc, etc.  The screw gun returned, the antlers were removed and them we all twisted and shoved and somehow accomplished the impossible by fitting ginormous reindeer into tiny subaru.

BTW, Corbin got over the reindeer in his space... eventually!

The reindeer was delivered to my house (thanks Mom!) where it faced the garage door in anticipation of Mr. Incredible coming home.  Needless to say, he was shall we say, surprised?

Corbin named our reindeer Ralph and says goodnight to Ralph right before bed.

Not sure what will ultimately be Ralph's fate.  Part of me wants to chop off his head and mount it on the wall... sorry if that sounded gruesome but Ralph is made of paper mache (and thus not weather resistant in the least).  But his size is also what makes Ralph totally awesome... so I just don't know.  I'm open to suggestions... anyone have brilliant ideas for the fate of my reindeer?

Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Looking Back at 2012

Here's a look back at some of my (and your) favorite posts from 2012.

1. Witty Title About CIO-ing: Back in January, I confessed to being a hippy and co-sleeping with my baby.

He was six months old and we struggled so much with sleep training that we finally gave in to 'do whatever worked'... which in our case was bringing him into our bed when he awoke in the middle of the night.  This post was shared with a lot of people- friends of friends of friends whom I would later meet or hear from in some cases.  It was a good reminder to me that everyone feels like they are screwing up as a parent at some point and that probably in reality, we really aren't doing that bad.  Looking back now, Corbin does not sleep with us- he actually asks to go to bed and waves me goodbye when I lay him down.... at least for now ;)

2. Baby Boogers: In February I shared another famous Christmas Tree Face Misadventure... and also a peek into the world of disgusting baby products.

Since I was informed that I horrified a mass audience with this post and possibly could be blamed for a decrease in the US population growth, I will leave it at that.  Go back and check out the post if you don't recall the sordid details.

3. Another Random Post: Holy Moly! this post received 1,216 views!  I shared no photographs, typed out completely random, non-related mini-thoughts/stories, and yet over a thousand of people read it! (Or at least clicked on the post...) Verrrrry Interesting Watson!

4. I'm A Believer: Another sleeeeep post!  But look at this sweet photo:

Awwwww! I also revealed details on Mr. Incredible's strange obsession with following the rules (a habit which continues to drive me batty... the other day we went to Legoland Aquarium for the morning... we were there right when it opened and stayed for like 2 hours.  So when we left, the parking lot was still very empty.  Mr. I had to drive ALL the way down the EMPTY rows of parking spaces, meticulously following the Exit Signs toward the exit... instead of cutting through and going straight out in like ten seconds.  Arghghghhg!)

5. Coloring the King of Khaki:  This one got me in some trouble... another revealing post about Mr. Incredible... and I also introduced many of you to the existence of khaki colored socks.  Very exciting times here on CTF!

6. Whew...spring! A bunch of pics of our busy life, some fun party shots, Mr. Incredible and Corbin-o in tuxes (super cute!), and this delight:

7. Corbin-o Turns One! I shared Corbin's first birthday party- a Cardboard Boxes and Balloons party that was a huge hit.  We were also featured on Apartment Therapy so that was cool too!

8. Busy...and how to entertain the Nielsen's for at least half an hour:  More rambling... and a horrifying creature in the backyard:

Also a great look back at the many pointing poses of Nora Nora!

9. Yet Another Questionable Parenting Decision: This may have been my favorite post this year... my son displays amazing sleeping skills, I learned the difference between Possums and Opossums (and saw a gross youtube video on how to give an Opossum a pedicure), and Mr. Incredible got to a truly exasperated state and said funny things...

...and I blogged about all of it for the benefit of you, my faithful readers!

10. McMillen Family Photo Shoot (and other family shoots here, here, here, here):  I started Christmas Tree Face Photography this year and was busy this winter doing family photo shoots.  I had such a great start to my business that I am so excited for what 2013 will bring as far as photography opportunities go.  While I had favorite photos from each shoot, I just loved the black and white shots of these two cuties!

11. S.A.N.T.A.: crying babies with Santa...'nuff said!

12. Salt Dough Part II...or why we need a new couch: What better way to finish 2012 than with a gross Nora story.  You can never say that we don't keep it real here at Christmas Tree Face!

Just for fun, here are some of the key words that brought people to this blog:

-face appearing in Christmas tree
-is jicama supposed to be slimy
-ugly radish
-cactus without spikes
-christmas tree with a face
-fish tank in nursery
-alot of christmas wrapped up gifts
-rit blue dye
-face ornaments for christmas tree
-gender reveal christmas party

Here are the top ten countries that visited CTF:

1. USA
2. Romania
3. Russia
4. Israel
5. Ukraine
6. United Kingdom
7. China
8. Germany
9. Canada
10. France

I hope that has you look back at 2012 you have lots of beautiful and meaningful memories!  Happy 2013 Everyone!