Wednesday, September 5, 2012

yet another questionable parenting decision...

The Bean was protesting last night... well he had been protesting all weekend really but last night it came to a head.

No Sleep for the Bean!

He fought naps and won a few times but bed time last night, despite being so tired he couldn't keep his eyes open during dinner he still would. not. sleep.  

We've been through this before...

(Whoa- total sidetrack here but did you know Demi Lovato is white?  Do you know who Demi Lovato is?  Honestly I thought she was black.  And honestly I didn't know her name was Demi Lovato... I thought it was something like Demila Vato or Dem MiLovato... I don't know... but anyway, she's white...)

...Anyway, we've been through this before... just look back a few posts and it seems I'm always talking about Corbin's sleep issues progress status (here, here, here- good grief!)  .  So instead of going into details of last night's adventure, here's Corbin's current sleep antics, with BONUS! Commentary from Mr. Incredible.

Me: He's quiet... not screaming...
Mr. I: He's been standing there for awhile now...

Mr. I: But his eyes are still open so he's not asleep...

Mr. I: Oh wait...

Mr. I: He's doing this for spite.  To spite us.  He get's this from you, you know?

Mr. I: That's it... he's never going to lay down.  

Mr. I: Ever.  Again.

Mr. I: He definitely get's this from you.

So we took turns for awhile trying to help the Bean lay back down... each time we'd put him down, he'd start talking and pointing and then stand back up in the corner.  We'd leave and he'd get mad again and start pulling himself up over the bars of the crib.  Eventually Mr. Incredible threw his hands up in defeat, piled couch cushions on the floor around the crib and announced that he was going to bed.  I should mention that this whole time Nora was outside possum hunting (for now non-existent possums... oh sorry, O-possums).  (wow...) I mentioned that I couldn't sleep while my only son attempted to plummet head- first out of his crib.

Mr. I: Why am I the only one in my family that wants to sleep tonight?!?!

Poor Mr. Incredible.  We made Nora come in and a few minutes later (2 and 1/2 hours after Corbin's bedtime) The Bean laid down and slept for the rest of the night. (can't say the same for the rest of us- around 3 am a troupe of raccoons went thrashing through the neighborhood and riled Nora up.  Thankfully Corbin missed out on this interruption!)

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