Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Halloween 2011- yeah you read that right, 20-11 bay-bee!

Halloween is coming!  Last year's Carnival style party was a huge hit, especially with the little- girls- under- five- and- dressed- as- princess demographic.

There were lots of yummy treats, including homemade apple cider donuts and fun activities.  We even set up a Tunnel of Terror that ushered our guests through a dark, spider webbed strewn tunnel from the driveway to the back yard where the party was happening.  Each kid had the opportunity to carve a pumpkin grown from my parent's pumpkin patch and of course there were lots of Anna-made monsters/scary people.

Great costumes from all who attended!

Bobbing for apples, wii dance-off (a mandatory party game at our house now), and a mummy wrap kept our guests busy into the night.

Looking forward to an even better party this year!  And for those of you who attend our Infamous Parties, know that theme has been chosen and Halloween in underway at our house!  

Aww... look at my little pumpkin... this year will be pretty different for this guy!

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