Tuesday, May 29, 2012


Hello Blogland!

We've been MIA for awhile...alright we had a few random posts but nothing of much substance.  And the reason why is because we've been so darn busy!  This spring has FLOWN by... like I can't believe its June already and basically Summer!  Here's a recap of the last few months... with photos of course! (And lots! of! exclamation! points!)

Spring started for us with a baseball game between San Diego State and CSUF- Mr. Incredible's alma mater.  Mr. I made sure that we were all decked out in CSUF blue and orange for the game!

Easter!  We celebrated Corbin's first Easter with family and friends- having a fun photo shoot with our playgroup and a bbq with family on the actual day.

We visited the Carlsbad Flower Fields.

And had a fun visit with Great Boomer (Corbin's great grandma).

I helped host a shower for Mr. Incredible's brother's fiancé (whew- mouthful!) and had fun putting together a Mimosa Bar.

Corbin helped in the garden:

And practiced standing and cruising/furniture surfing a lot these last few months!

We dedicated him at church on Mother's Day which Mr. Incredible made sure to make extra special for me!

We've enjoyed fresh produce from my mom's garden... but unfortunately had this to contend with:

Needless to say we're being extra careful with washing everything now!

And the highlight of our Spring was watching Mr. Incredible's little brother marry his long-time girlfriend Mandy!

I got to do all of her wedding flowers!  So my house looked like this for a few days:

But it was so fun to help in this way for Jason and Mandy's big day!

Here we are at the wedding all gussied up:

So that's the latest.  Now, if you've made it to the end of this post, I have a special treat for you!  Another Name That Photo Contest.  Winner will get something great- to enter comment below with your best caption for this photo from the wedding:

Go on- hit me with your best shot!


Saturday, May 5, 2012

coloring the king of khaki

Mr. Incredible has a thing for khaki.  I knew this long before we were married.  In fact for the first three years of our marriage,  I never saw Mr. I in a pair of jeans.  He seriously didn't own any.  Weird- huh?  He now owns a few pairs but khaki pants are the foundation of Mr. Incredible's wardrobe.

Here's a sample from laundry day:

Did you know they make khaki socks?!

Anyway, Mr. Incredible is the King of Khaki.  He wears them for everything... like mowing the lawn:

Or playing in the snow:

Or doing this:

Khaki serves him well.  But it gets a little boring.  In my opinion.  Don't get me wrong- I'm grateful for the few pairs of jeans and one pair of cords that have been permitted into TKOK's wardrobe.... but a little color wouldn't hurt would it?

Pick your favorite- maybe if enough people join the revolution we can brighten Mr. Incredible's aka TKOK (the king of khaki) pants collection...

...or I'll just get in trouble for blogging about his pants.

Thursday, May 3, 2012

the pox or not?

A post about this guy:

And those little red bumps around his mouth...

Those bumps are actually the newbies...  his legs, feet, and arms have received the worst of it.

After a high fever, two sleepless nights, and a few calls to the doctor's office, 
we think The Great Corbino has chicken pox.

But we don't know for sure. 

Because he's not itchy... and there's no bumps on his tummy or back...

And the doctor does not want to see him...just in case it is chicken pox...

So you be the judge... 

pox or not?

(scroll down for gross bumpy photo...)

(feel free to not look)

(you can't say I didn't give you plenty of time to change your mind!)

comment with your 'diagnosis!'