Saturday, May 5, 2012

coloring the king of khaki

Mr. Incredible has a thing for khaki.  I knew this long before we were married.  In fact for the first three years of our marriage,  I never saw Mr. I in a pair of jeans.  He seriously didn't own any.  Weird- huh?  He now owns a few pairs but khaki pants are the foundation of Mr. Incredible's wardrobe.

Here's a sample from laundry day:

Did you know they make khaki socks?!

Anyway, Mr. Incredible is the King of Khaki.  He wears them for everything... like mowing the lawn:

Or playing in the snow:

Or doing this:

Khaki serves him well.  But it gets a little boring.  In my opinion.  Don't get me wrong- I'm grateful for the few pairs of jeans and one pair of cords that have been permitted into TKOK's wardrobe.... but a little color wouldn't hurt would it?

Pick your favorite- maybe if enough people join the revolution we can brighten Mr. Incredible's aka TKOK (the king of khaki) pants collection...

...or I'll just get in trouble for blogging about his pants.


  1. Probably since you posted him in pink pants....
    Hmmm....maybe I'll look into getting me some of those when I'm home next....

  2. There is clearly only one pair...the magenta ones! <3