Friday, February 19, 2010

my funny valentine...

Each year for Valentine's Day, Mr. Incredible and I cook together.  Instead of going to a crowded, over priced restaurant, we choose something we've never made before and try it at home.  Menu's from year's past have included beef wellington, sushi, roast tenderloin.  This year, we had....


And by far, this was the easiest 'fancy' meal we've ever prepared!  We steamed King crab legs and made a butter/bear sauce on the stove.  We also steamed a couple artichokes, warmed up a crusty sourdough bread, and opened a bottle of Riesling wine to go with it all... simple, simple, simple!

It was so easy, we even managed to take a self portrait before we dug in:

That table cloth will never be same though... crabs are messy! I would never order them someplace where I had any hopes of looking dignified!  Oh well... you only live once and it was a fun V-day dinner!

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