Monday, February 22, 2010


Last summer I acquired a new lens for my camera - a Nikor 35 mm with an F1.8 depth of field.  I have seldom taken this lens off- I love how it shoots so much!  I especially love photos with lots of bokah (the blurry part of the photo)- or a really shallow depth of field.  There's so many online tutorials and instruction on depth of field that I won't write one here, but in a very simple nutshell, depth of field has to do with how much of your photo is in focus.  A shallow depth of field would mean that very little- only the exact object you are focusing on- is in focus while the foreground and background is blurry.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words- especially my words today!- here's a few examples with my lovely lens of shallow depth of field... note- these photos have not been tinkered with in photoshop- this 'effect' (a shallow depth of field) is done through the lens!

Here only a few of the 'hairs' on the cattail are in focus...

Again, only one or two links of this chain on the humongo forklift are in focus...

These photos are in a creepy cemetery in Cambria, CA... great bokah opportunities!

An early blooming flower in my garden- the color and the depth of field make it *POP*

And finally Miss Nora, still snoozing bed... a place where I want to be right now....sigh....

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