Friday, February 24, 2012

Design Help!

Alright all you design savvy blog readers- I need your help!  A few months ago we purchased a Scamp camper.  It is in unbelievable condition- readers over at a camper forum claim it looks brand new after seeing our photos- but it needs some sprucing up.  For some reason all these little camper manufacturers seem to think tweedy plaids in pale blues and tans and polyester cornflower blue curtains are the way to go.  I don't really get it.  For being such a cool design thing in and of itself (kitchen! bathroom! bed! storage! all in 10 feet of space!) I wonder why they revert back to the dull drums of country living in the midwest for their interior design...

So all that to say, we are doing a few design projects on our scamper... reupholstering the dinette seats, new curtains, new drawer pulls, and adding accessories that match (there's really only so much you really can do with such limited space and since everything is really in great condition, we're not touching the wood cabinets, kitchen fixtures, etc).  I've put together a few color inspiration boards of 'themes' or color combos that I think would look cool.  Here's where you come in...

Tell me which one you like!  Check out this post to see what it looks like now if you need to visualize it a little more...

Option #1: Navy and Gray (with two accent options- tell me which one you like!)

Options #2: Red and Aqua

Option #3: Gray and Yellow

Option #4: Vintage Red, White, and Blue (really navy and tan with pops of red)

Ready, Set, GO!



  1. I love them all especially red and aqua, but I thunk the vintage red white and blue is just perfect for a camper!

  2. I like the red and aqua combo!!!!!

  3. I really like the navy & grey with the green & teal. 2nd choice would be the navy, white & blue.