Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Random Post

1.  I heard Owl City on a Christian radio station... you know, the Fireflies guys?  They recorded 'In Christ Alone.'  Huh.

2.  Every time I think of Owl City, I think of the amazing music teacher at PS22... haven't heard of them?!  Definitely worth wiki-ing to find out more but here's a clip:

3.  I've been thinking a lot about music education- and ways that I can further mine... my music education education that is.  That's really confusing but I'd like to find classes or a program or something that I can learn to be a better music educator.  But not like a masters program... that's too intense right now.  But maybe something more like this.

4.  SDSU is doing something exciting with their basketball team.  I don't personally care, but Mr. Incredible is experiencing some long-lost alumni nostalgia and is making me watch all the games.  I don't mind but I hate how squeaky the players' shoes are on the court.  I almost can't pay attention to anything else.

5.  Its strawberry time in San Diego!  Just so you all know.

6.  We're watching the new season of American Idol with J-Lo and the Aerosmith guy.  I think its awkward... and probably the easiest season to get on the show.  The producers are going to have to cut so many people in Hollywood week!  We haven't gotten through a show yet without Mr. Incredible exclaiming, "I HATE this show!"  and then going back to watching it.  I'm pretty sure Mr. Aerosmith wears women's clothing most of the time... but maybe that's 'in' right now (?).

7.  Ahh, I think that's enough randomness for now... oh wait, except for this:


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