Wednesday, February 9, 2011

New Blog Series: What JT Eats

I'm trying something new- a blog series.  But first some background.

I work in an unconventional office... in other words- its out of my parent's house.  My big little brother comes home for lunch every day.  This usually causes some form of work disruption.  But that's another story.

I've lately noticed the unusual things my big little brother eats for lunch.  Thus a new series is born: What JT Eats.  I'll try to document regularly.  Feel free to comment 'yum I'd eat that' or 'heck no!'

Today's entry: Bacon Quesadilla with Ranch Dressing

Directions: Throw one flour tortilla in frying pan (heat probably too high).  Grate cheddar cheese directly on to tortilla.  Add pre-cooked pieces of bacon.  Cover with another flour tortilla.  Attempt to flip quesadilla using only your hands (so you don't have to wash a spatula).  When cheese is melted, rip tortillas apart and squirt ranch dressing inside.  Eat with a glass of milk.

So- 'yum I'd eat that!' or 'Heck no!'