Friday, October 15, 2010

a few things

I can't remember if I posted these already, but here's a few CTF creations from the past few months.

a wedding present for a friend with an affinity for asparagus...

and a few more baby onesies... this time for a cute little boy.

and a blue monster too...

I picked up a new lens- with a very wide aperture (f/1.4).  Its an all manuel lens so it takes a little more work to get the shot, but I've been enjoying the bokah!

And finally, I am deep into halloween... our house is partially decorated, projects of various levels of completion are everywhere, and I'm loving it!

Halloween at the Nielsen's will be a pirate party this year, complete with swashbuckling scallywags and a grounded ship in the front yard.  If you're in the area, come by on Halloween night and join the fun!  I'll be posting some of my projects once I finally get around to taking some photos, but here's a preview:

All hope abandon, ye who hear this tale;
Of th’ fateful night th’ ship set sail.

Th’ ship laden down with treasure of gold;
And secrets of ghosts burried deep in its hold.

Through  hurricane winds and a fearsome wave;
Th’ ship sailed on with a crew mighty brave.

Th’ Captain called orders, lost in th’ storm’s sound;
Th’ ship, she shuddered, and then ran aground.

Th’ crew was lost on th’ rocks that night;
But th’ ghosts and th’ gold remain there to fright.

Th’ haunted ship sails on th’ night of Halloween;
An’ buccaneers gather at the street called Ilene.

Come treasure hunting at the ship that sank;
But wear your best Pirate attire- or walk th’ plank!


  1. We are actually dressing up this year for the first time! Ty is a monkey, I'm a tree and Matt is a banana!!! We'll try to stop by! =)

    LOVE the new craft projects!!

  2. Shermanators! Your costumes will match our theme perfectly- come party with us!!