Friday, March 12, 2010

Saturday, part dos

I'm not sure why these blog posts are suddenly out of order... hopefully you will be able to follow our excellent weekend adventure despite unorganized entries...

So after meandering through abstract art in Sonoma, we drove to Santa Rosa- a city to the west of wine country.

We had lunch at Johnny Garlic's- one of Food Network Guy Fieri's restaurants. It was very garlic-y... but good!

Then we went to...

The Charles M. Schulz Museum!  As I hope you all know, Schulz was the creator of "Peanuts" comic strip and characters and this museum is where his studio was for the last part of his life.  As an avid Charlie Brown and Snoopy fan (Good Grief!) this museum was terrific!

This mural was created by Yoshi Otani and is composed of Schulz's comic strips...

There's other fun murals and artwork as well as Schulz's original cartoons:

Outside in the courtyard, we found Charlie Brown's infamous Kite-Eating Tree:

And Austin found a few friends too:

Next door to the museum is the Warm Puppy Cafe, where Schulz ate breakfast and lunch every day:

And the ice skating rink that Schulz and his wife built for the community of Santa Rosa...

Even the Zamboni has Peanut's characters on it!  We stayed and watched a hokey game for awhile- 10 year old I think.  We loved learning how Schulz contributed so much to that community- from hosting ice-capades, playing pick-up softball games, to throwing elaborate charity Sweetheart dances every Valentine's Day.  And we loved looking at the original Snoopy artwork too!

We spent quite a long time at the museum and headed back to Napa for the night...

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