Tuesday, April 6, 2010

more music and ART!

Yep, that's what we did today... more music and ART!  Music was beginning stuff with the Monkey class (that would be the little kids that can't sit still for anything).  I led rhythm/clapping games with the kiddos... which went well.  Then Kirsteen taught on The Carnival of the Animals.  The kids seemed to enjoy it... they learned about elephants, kangaroos, and birds... so they walked like each animal, picked which instruments should represent each animal, listened to the music, then made thumb print animals...

Here's Matilda working on her animals:

And some of their artwork:

The 'Monkeys' were mainly out of control... as per usual.  This is my favorite 'Bad Kid-' the one who can't stop moving or touching the instruments:

He was pretty devious today- getting a stern talking to by several of our staff.  But I still have to smile even though I saw him getting yelled at over and over again.  While doing an exercise in a small group, I wrapped my arms around him and helped him play a few notes on a keyboard.  He sat attentively while I kept my hand on him and was eager to play the notes correctly.  He even stopped playing while I held him and listened to the other kids perform... so he's not a bad kid all the time!

In the afternoon we hosted the 'Art and Design' class.  My plan was to introduce a bunch of different types of art and techniques.  So we had watercolors, a yarn project, block printing, and MONSTERS!!!  The kids had a blast and so did I... here's more photos:

Loving the monsters... I think they're all worthy of ChristmasTreeFace Creations!  Perhaps an international section of my etsy shop?  We'll see!


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