Thursday, July 15, 2010

white t-shirts, blue RIT dye, a bunch of orphans

Someone donated boxes and boxes of plain white t-shirts to H2H... boxes and boxes!  As they were unloaded from the container, many of us wondered what would become of all these shirts.  Really, how many XXL white t-shirts can an organization that works with orphans really need?  Thankfully, they were not all XXL- but a pretty good mix of sizes...

But anyway, tie-dye was the inevitable path that many of these shirts were to take.  Our camp theme was Under the Sea so out came the boxes of blue RIT dye.

Three boxes of dye, a couple dozen t-shirts, and many blue-handed orphans later, we had a great craft, a new article of clothing, and a great memory to share... all because of a seemingly strange donation~

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