Thursday, September 22, 2011

I'm Sailing Away...

Mr. Incredible and I joined some friends for a day of sailing at Dana Point, CA.

I love everything about sailing- the boats, the water, the wind.  The adventure, the excitement, the danger.  Even all the sailing terms- bow, aft, jib... I love everything about sailing except for the actual sailing part.  This is definitely one of those instances where I think I was made to do something but my body or brain or both didn't get the memo...

Ever since college, I am now prone to horrible motion sickness... and sea sickness is the worst!

So when we were invited for a day of sailing, every fiber of my being- except for my stomach or ears or whatever makes your stomach want to turn inside out- was thrilled at the prospect.  Somehow all those fibers overrode the sea sick part and I went anyway.

Everything was fine as we putted around the harbor.  Everything was still fine as we headed out past the wave break.  And everything was fine as we hit the open ocean- on one of the highest surf weekends in California's summer history... for about two minutes.  Then that one fiber of my being that controls the blowing cookies part kicked in.  Meanwhile, Mr. Incredible was doing this:

I should pause here and mention that Mr. Incredible NEVER gets sea sick.  The boat could be flipped upside down in the middle of a hurricane and he'd be sitting on the bow eating Cheetos.  To make matters worse, he's the kind of un-seasick-person who likes to rub it in... with comments like, ' Ehh... its all in your head."  Not helpful.

Anyway, I managed to hold it together and keep everything down but I was sooo grateful when our captain turned the boat around and headed back to the harbor.

It was a beautiful day despite the gale-force winds and raging seas.  And once my feet touched solid ground and the blood began to flow back to my face those 'we love sailing with every fiber of my being' feelings began to kick back in too... well almost.



  1. I love the quality of those photos...they look like paintings! P.S. Never sleep on a houseboat (blergh!)

  2. Thanks Jen- fun with photoshop!