Thursday, December 1, 2011

checking in...

Hello there!

Just checking in after a busy week.  Corbin-o had his four month doctor appointment this week- he weighed in at only 12 lbs 9 oz which puts him pretty much in the 'squirt' percentage for his age but he charmed the doctor out of getting overly concerned by cooing and laughing and smiling at her the whole time.  He got a couple shots that he didn't appreciate but they were necessary. 

I finished up a big project for H2H this week, got a haircut, and hey- its December already!  We have our first Christmas party of the season this weekend and Mr. Incredible has big plans to put lights up outside...hopefully this year before Christmas.   

December has come really fast for me- Corbin reaching 4 months, Thanksgiving coming and going, Christmas approaching with all the shopping, parties, and events... its hard to take a breathe and enjoy the moment sometimes.  But we're really trying to do just that and establish a few traditions that Corbin will hopefully learn to look forward to as he gets older.  

Well, that's enough over thinking the holiday season for now- happy December!

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