Monday, August 15, 2016

Mighty Mila

8 months ago all of her food was delivered via bottle. Her teeth couldn't take bites or chew, her tongue didn't know how to move food around her mouth, and swallowing anything other than thick liquids would send her into a panic. Three years of drinking only formula and some unknown trauma around food created a feeding nightmare. We saw OTs and went to feeding group. We introduced purées and I whittled spoons out of vegetables. Several months ago she took her first bite of a banana- with her teeth! Then she discovered sweet potatoes and carrots and polla asada ! Guacamole and hotdogs became favorites, noodles and rice. She's not a huge fan of candy but will happily take a granola bar. And anything with ketchup! Today she ate an in n out cheeseburger and fries like a boss. 

Feeding challenges have not been an easy need to meet and handle. We've all been frustrated and disappointed at some point and we're not completely past these challenges. But the progress is undeniable. The confidence that taking a big bite and chewing gives #mightymila cannot be ignored and the growth that God has worked in our family through our daughter's struggles has been surreal. Food and feeding is essential to life- and when that most basic thing is rocked and challenged there is room to implode or to flourish. We've done both in this journey but have come to a point of tangible and intangible flourishing that is amazing to witness. Thanking God for #innoutburger and every bite that has led us to this place. 


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