Sunday, March 8, 2009


Our friend Dave invited Austin the Incredible to join him for a pickup game of Ultimate Frisbee.  Even though he is Incredible, Aust had never played Ultimate before (and yes, he did attend a state university for 4 + years... an obvious oversight in his education)!

I love watching The Incredible engage in athletic competition... as long as he's not playing against me!  

Here's Dave running down the field:

Here's some guy making a great catch:

Incredible's turn for a touchdown...

Caught it!

I could watch this guy-err- game- all day!


  1. Hey Anna! Love your blog! I need to get Matt out there to play with the guys! We are always busy when we get an email! :(

  2. Give us a call if Matt's ever free on a Sunday afternoon- they play pickup games in a park in Poway at 2:30 and he's more than welcome!