Monday, June 15, 2009

Burrito Review- for Jason!

Mr. Incredible and I are constantly on the look out for the best carne asada burrito in San Diego. We've tried many 'hole in the wall' places all over San Diego- east county to the coast. After meeting a fellow Poway resident on this last Romania trip, I was surprised to hear of a place in town that we hadn't tried yet. His recommendation was high- the best California burritos EVER... awesome guac...etc...etc. So we tried it out!

El Ranchito in Poway has the look of a typical 'hole in the wall' from the outside, but is surprisingly clean and kept up on the inside.

We ordered the famous California burritos and a horchata for me (yum). Austin enjoyed their salsa bar as I watched the steady stream of high schoolers ordering their burritos.

Our food came and we dug in. The Carne Asada was tasty, the tortillas fresh, and the rest of the burrito fillings very good. Mr. I finished his and half of mine eagerly.

As I normally go for the Carne Asada burritos and not the Californias I don't know exactly how this one rates... I guess I'll have to take my brother, the King of California Burritos, for a taste and see what he thinks!

Thanks for the restaurant tip Jason- we enjoyed El Ranchito!


  1. OMG...when I saw the heading of your post, I immediately thought of El Ranchito! And that was what your post was about!!

    At work we always have them cater our parties. In fact, I was told all about that place my first week on the job. Have you tried their guacamole (ok, I spelled that wrong!) and rolled tacos?? And their tacos are awesome!

    Poway has a lot of amazing little restaurants! :)

  2. my friend from this last trip to Romania told me all about their guac... I didn't really get to experience it but I think your recommendation merits another trip to El Ranchito! I'll check out the tacos too!