Friday, June 5, 2009

Lots of music...

So back to my 'gone but not forgotten' post, I decided to add the details of the teasers I gave (and the fact that I have 3 + hours to kill in the Minneapolis airport and free wifi). This trip was part Blast from the Past and part Dream Come True for me. I have a music degree from Biola. The opportunity to perform with my old ensemble, under the direction of my former professor was a great treat for me. Though I currently do not have a musical career, the love of performing with a group of peole committed to making beautiful music, has never left me. And even though the songs were not necessarily great musical works and the ensemble was not completely perfect, it was exhilerating to be a part of it again.

This was also a dream finally come true for me. Over six years ago we began talking about bringing the Biola Symphonic Winds to Romania. At the time I pictured the people who were in the ensemble when I was a student. This dream never came to reality during my days at Biola. In fact it didn't become a reality until many years after graduation. I was reminded during this trip of how God does things in His timing-not necessarily my timing. It was amazing to see how God orchestrated each individual's life to prepare them for ministry in Romania. I couldn't have hand picked a better group of people for this trip.

Another side note- this trip showed me that my days of trumpet playing are not quite over. Though my chops are not in the condition they were in in college, I re-discovered that there's still plenty of ability and talent left in me- at least enough to make a joyful noise!

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