Sunday, August 23, 2009

a distraction or two...

Well, I've tried to post more about our recent Romania trip but still no new blog entries. For some reason I've had a harder time processing this last trip than normal. I suppose I'll get there eventually- and will add some more photos soon, but in the meantime, I have a few distractions to share.

Since returning home from Romania, my new past-time has been attending baby showers (hehe). I've had some fun hand- crafting baby gifts for my expecting friends.

My new favorite creation is custom bunting. Here's a bird theme for my friend Lauren's little bundle of joy coming in November:

Our other good friends, Ben and Kelly, asked me to help them with a monster theme for their nursery... I got a little carried away but I think they like it!

Here's a shot of the monsters in the crib ready and waiting for Baby Wright! (note the Killer Tomato onesie also hand crafted by Moi)

Our other 'distraction' was actually a pleasant surprise. I received an urgent text message from my mom on a Sunday afternoon- "JT baptism-be at church at 5!"

My brother decided to join a couple dozen other believers from our church for a baptism service out on the lawn. A portable pool was set up, the worship band was playing, and hot dogs and cokes were offered near by. Not quite your typical baptism service- but it accomplished the same thing.

JT 'took the plunge' to identify with Christ, in obedience in Christ, and to publicly associate with Christ's church. Baptism is a powerful image of proclaiming belief,

dying to one's old self,

and then being reborn as a new creation.

Congrats JT!

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  1. I love the baby things! You are so creative! I may be asking for help when our time comes! :)