Sunday, January 3, 2010

Morro Bay Rock-On!

Mr. Incredible and I took a few days after Christmas to head up the California coast with our two favorite German Short Haired Pointers- Nora and Brody!  We found a "European-Style" motel that was dog-friendly in Morro Bay.  Here's the illustrious Bayfront Inn:

We discovered that "European-Style" translates into American culture as "incredibly tiny."  However, we didn't plan on spending much time in the room with two rambunctious dogs so it was all good.  (The Bayfront Inn was INCREDIBLY clean and an AMAZING deal- so I'm not complaining or anything.)

The best part of staying here was the location.  The Bayfront Inn was located directly across the street from this:

This is The Rock at Morro Bay.  If you've ever driven up the 101 North, you've probably noticed this thing hovering off the coast.  The town made famous by the rock turned out to be pretty cool.  There were lots of oyster and fish restaurants along the harbor, a healthy mix of eclectic tourist shops, a couple dive bars, and real fishing boats and fishermen mixing in with the rowdy teenagers and tourists on the crowded boardwalk.  And us- with the Germans.

We decided to get a closer look at the rock.  Its a bird sanctuary and the actual rock is off-limits to climbers.  However, you can drive right up to it and scramble along on the rocks below.  Here's a close-up of the rock from its base:


And Mr. Incredible and the Brodo checking out the scenery:

There was quite a crowd gathered at the base of The Rock checking out the high surf crashing against the breakwater.  I took way too many photos of the waves breaking over the rocks- and none of them do the ocean justice.  Just know that these were very big and powerful waves breaking with immense force:

We finally pulled ourselves away from the waves and headed up the coast for a fun day of exploring little coastal towns and letting the Germans run on the beaches.  The Rock seemed to keep cropping up in our sight though-

It made a cool photo subject and a fun landmark to check our travel progress throughout the day!

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