Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Mother's Day... we invited Mr. Incredible's family over to celebrate for dinner Sunday night... so I ran around all day, cooking, cleaning, putting things away.  And trying to make all the obligatory 'Happy Mother's Day!' phone calls to grandmothers etc.  While on one said phone calls, I was hurridly (new word alert!!) stuffying things away in my Creation Station (my sewing room- but I'm trying to think of something else to call it...).  One handed, I reached up to put things away on this shelf:

Do you see the danger?  Let me show you:

What is that you might ask?  Let me tell you.  Its the bottom nine inches or so from our 2009 Christmas Tree.  Why is it perched precariously on a top shelf in my project room?  I have some great intention to make it into a cherished family heirloom someday.  Don't worry, I'll probably blog about it if it ever happens.

So what happened when I distractedly reached up to the top shelf?  Let me show you:

Oh let me illustrate again:

Let me answer the obvious questions:

1. yes, it hurt.

2. yes, I saw little spots- but no birds...

3. no, I managed to stay on the phone, delivering my mother's day wishes.

4. no, I did not shout any expletives or other curses (I was talking to my grandmother for crying out loud!)

5. and yes, I had to entertain dinner guests with a gigazmo (new word alert! 2 in one post!)  red mark on my forehead.

6. oh and its still there... and its getting darker.

Cool- huh?

Hope you all had an injury-free weekend!


(oh- did anyone get the irony?)


  1. Observations:

    1. I counted 3 new words: hurriedly, Creation Studio (went unnoticed), and gigazmo.
    2. Possible ironies:
    a. Actual danger of the supposed safety of keeping that stump on the shelf.
    b. How uncherished that stump is despite the intention for it to cherished.
    c. (most likely)The name "Christmas Tree Face" now finally comes to full fruition a la the Christmas tree stump.
    3. Those are stained IKEA shelves
    4. Love your posts. Humorous, light, and artistic. And to think that creativity is hemmed within the confines of that studio? Implausible.