Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Memorial Day Weekend- all its cracked up to be~

We had a relaxing Memorial Day Weekend remembering the sacrifices of those who served our country with family in another country!  (I know, sounds terrible... we've found ourselves doing this for the Fourth of July and Thanksgiving too so call us unpatriotic if you must!)

We headed south of the border for a weekend at Mr. Incredible's parent's house on the Rio Hardy.  Heeding my father-in-law's advice from a Sunday sermon (that Mexico is safe if you're not a drug dealer), we crossed over the border on Friday and spent the weekend soaking up sun, doing a little wakeboarding, playing games with family, participating in a truly epic river poker run, and of course, eating!  Here's the photographic highlights of our Memorial weekend Mexico adventure:

Mr. Incredible's dad (Mr. Incredible Sr?) wielding the mighty spatula and grilling.

Chips and Salsa (and Tecate)- we were in Mexico!

Winners of the Poker Run (1st and 2nd place from our boat!)

A quiet morning paddle with Nora Nora.

A sad, left out pooch observes from the shore.

Sunset over the Rio Hardy...



  1. I'm so envious. We had such a good years ago when we visited your in-laws place. The sunset picture looks so peaceful.

  2. That was fun... can you believe it was like 3 years ago?!?!?