Monday, June 14, 2010

six things

1. My garden is blooming!  Tomatoes, young cilantro, basil, lots of oregano, and that bright blue is a new hydrangea!

2. My Uncle Todd is back (read more here).  He and JT are off to climb Mt. Whitney- apparently the tallest mountain in the US... I took a picture of them with their backpacks on, just like on the first day of school :)

3.  While Todd is climbing a mountain, my aunt, cousin, cousin's kid (second cousin?), and this guy is staying over... meet Oscar everyone:

4.  Mr. Incredible as a Wii Mii... I just love the Mii feature of the game!

5.  No words for this one- just enjoy the photos:

6. Just wanted to let you know we're still here- at least for a few more days!

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