Tuesday, April 5, 2011


We got back from our BABYmoon on Sunday morning and I had an ultrasound Monday morning.  This is actually my third ultrasound (fourth if you count the one at 8 weeks to see if I was actually preggo)...

The first at 19 weeks went great I thought but my OB didn't like the imaging that she received.  So I received a phone call telling me 'everything is fine, BUT...'- which, note to health care professionals, is a TERRIBLE thing to tell a first time mom, or probably anyone who is dealing with any kind of medical procedure.  So I was sent back to the ultrasound guys for another look.

This time, at 21 weeks, everything seemed fine, the tech seemed happy with what he was able to capture... but a few hours later, I was back on the phone with my OB with another 'fine- but.'

I hate fine-buts.  

This time I was sent to a pregnancy specialist- an office that deals with high risk pregnancies... great.  Still armed with the knowledge of my OB's fine-but, I nervously went to this DR for yet another ultrasound.  This time I had a little more info- they were specifically looking for better pictures of the baby's heart.  I had seen it beating, so I knew it was there... but there was some confusion about blood flowing in and out correctly.

After a relatively quick appointment and a chat with the specialist DR, we were both given a 'good report card'... NOT a fine- but!  I still haven't heard from my OB but the specialist was reassuring enough that everything was as it should be... and we got more photos!

profile with hand in the air

almost sucking thumb

doing something unruly

Proof that there he has feet... or at least one foot

definitely still a boy... that's probably good though.

still wishing he was in Hawai'i!

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  1. glad to hear that all is well. He looks like he got a bit of color in Hawaii....