Friday, May 27, 2011

Succulent Love

Does this blog title make anyone uncomfortable?

Nevermind... my new favorite gardening pastime is succulents.  I shouldn't really saw 'gardening' since they basically take care of themselves, but I do pick them out at Home Depot, repot them at home, and then sometimes take their babies away and pot those too (that sounds horrific).  They're pretty cool little plants that don't take a lot of skill, time, etc.

And I never used to like them because of this thought process:

 succulents= cactus=spikes=yuck

But I stand here today (sit behind Austin's laptop) to tell you that none of my succulents have spikes.  They are all soft, lush, and a few are even fuzzy!  And what could be better than a fuzzy plant that takes care of itself?

Anyway, I have far exceeded my quotient of writing - photos for this blog post so on to the pics (quotients and equations in one blog post- whhaat??!)

These are all from my garden- and with no photoshop shenanigans of any kind (translate: the plants actually look just like the photos in real life...)

This one creeps me out a little... looks like ogre ears or something....

These next few are teeny tiny succulents... in teeny tiny pots:

Apparently elephants eat this particular succulent in Africa (its safe here in SD though):


The Twins!

And my newest favorite:

See- no spikes, only amazing color!

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