Wednesday, November 23, 2011

4 Months

Corbin is 4 months old today!

To celebrate and show off all his baby greatness, I decided to do a photo shoot with some of Mr. Incredible's baby clothes.  Incredible Relatives- does Corbin look like his daddy?

sweater and booties made by Mr. Incredible's Great Grandma

At four months old, our little one is over 12 lbs and has figured out this rolling over business.  He's a good eater but not such a good sleeper.  When he sees his reflection, Corbin gets a little shy and then smiles a very goofy smile.  He does not laugh, but chuckles when he is tickled.

Awesome little sneaker booties

He usually wakes up in the morning happy and talking to the ceiling fan (which is AMAZING to his little eyes).  Corbin is a pro at motorboat noises and shoving whatever is in his hands into his mouth.  He loves bumpy stroller rides, swinging on the highest setting, and listening to the Lullatones over and over again.  And he thinks Nora is pretty interesting to look at too.

Can't believe its been 4 months already!

And Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow from us to you!

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