Friday, November 18, 2011


On Tuesday we hit a major milestone.  Mr. Corbin rolled over for the first time. (!!)  He's been hovering on his side- arm flailing around, lip quivering- for weeks but on Tuesday, in front of a room full of people, he took the plunge and went all the way.  And Corbin received lots of applause and cheers for his achievement.  And when I flipped him back to his tummy, he rolled right over again and, I swear, looked around for more recognition.  (which he got of course!)

That night he rolled and rolled and rolled- over and over again- just so his daddy could see him in his rolling glory.  And I posted these photos on Facebook:

And then Corbin got all the virtual applause from friends and relatives in the form of comments and fb 'likes'.  Yay Corbin-o!

And since Tuesday, he's decided that he's had enough of this rolling business and is fine on his back.  And if forced to be on his tummy, he's ok with just resting his huge head, shoving a couple fingers in his mouth, and taking a little tummy nap (despite what the AAP has to say about THAT- pbbbbbbbbbbbb!).

Will he roll again?  Only time will tell.

Look how cute I am when I smile!

In other news, apparently all that figuring out rolling over business might have had something to do with Corbin's sudden sleep regression.  Thankfully (Puh-raise the Lord!) nighttime is no longer quite so painful and we've had a couple 5-6 hour sleeping stints.

So huh.

Babies are confusing.  The minute something starts working and we do our 'awesome parents victory dance' they change it up and we're back to scrabbling for answers on 2 hours of sleep and did you make the coffee this morning and forget to put the grounds in and what am I going to do with a pot of coffee flavored water arghhhghghghgh!

But for now we're (relatively) well rested and preparing for a little road trip with the bean-o for Turkey day... now that should be interesting!

I love three hour car rides!

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