Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Gorgeous...Peaceful...until we showed up

This was one of the most beautiful, picturesque streams I have ever seen.  I could have spent every day of our vacation just exploring it.

Mr. Incredible and his dad (Mr. Incredible Sr?!) were hoping to hook the big trout that allegedly live here.  We showed up as clouds were filling the skies and a big storm was brewing over the pine trees.  But gosh, it was pretty.

As we hiked down to the bank all I could hear was the bubbling of the water, birds calling through the trees, and distant thunder claps.

And then this happened...

Our canine companions, Nora and Cody, took advantage of their brief moment of being off leash and ravashed through the woods like wild beasts.  I've never seen Nora run so fast.  Nor have I ever seen a dog smile quite like that... she was very happy.

The fishermen, however, were not so happy.  Especially since Nora (and Cody) decided to race through the stream and scare away all the fish.

And there may have been an incident of an over excited, slightly neurotic dog snagging a fishing line and hooking my father in law as he attempted to bait his line but I didn't get a photo of that.

So there were the beautiful, peaceful woods and stream...

And our crazy dogs showing up everywhere I attempted to get a shot off:

But we enjoyed the views anyway and the mutts enjoyed the freedom, short-lived as it was.

A few wildflowers... but nothing compared to our wild dogs!

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