Wednesday, August 22, 2012


During our camping trip, Corbin-o developed a love of trucks... or as he says, 'wuks!'  He became fascinated with Grandpa's big white truck and spent much of the week looking for it (and practically anything with wheels) and declaring 'wuk!' pointing his little finger in the general direction of whatever rolled by.

This could have had something to do with it...

Note: Corbin 'drove' down the empty camp rode... i.e. the truck idled slowly while Corbin sat in Grandpa's lap for a few photos.  Everyone chill out about carseats, seat belts, and all that. Ok, deep breath.... whewww!

When we got home, I was restocking a few household items at The Walmart and came across these for 25 cents a piece!

Corbin-o gleefully pointed and shouted 'wuks!' so I had to get a couple for him.  And I figured I could snazz them up a bit too... you know, a good nap time project (if only he would actually nap!  The worst part of going on vacation is trying to get back on a schedule....arghhhh).

When I got home I rummaged through my spray paint stash (yes I have a spray paint stash... I have a -ahem- slight obsession with spray paint... like I buy a can every time I go to Home Depot.  Or at least I used to until Mr. Incredible held an intervention and restricted all my spray paint to a tiny corner of his work bench and told me I couldn't buy any more until I used what I had at home.  Totally unfair and cruel but I'm dealing with it.  With lots of deep breathing as I pass the paint section and maybe a few therapy sessions. Or not.)

And let the transformation begin!

When Corbin-o woke up from a nap this morning (halleluja!) here's what he found:

Cute- right?  He liked them... although he probably would have been just as happy with them bare as with paint at this point!

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  1. Very cute! Even though he would have been happy with them bare, just think of all the color introducing opportunities you can have with them now. :) Every time he asks for a "Wuk" ask him do you want the (blue) or (yellow) one? and hold out two. When he grabs for one (or both!) happily exclaim, "Oh YAY! You chose the (blue/blue AND red/whatever color) truck! Good choice!"

    sense of independence+ practicing color recognition+ fueling "wuk" obsession = successful playtime. :o)