Saturday, November 7, 2015

Grateful Hearts...

Our travel approval has been issued- we are so close to booking airline tickets and traveling to bring our sweet girl home!  As I take a moment to reflect on this past year, there are certain words that have a special meaning to our family now.  Words like faith, trust, miracle, surrender, hope, peace- and one word that is so easy to overlook-gratitude.

This is the season of thanksgiving and I thought it appropriate to list some reasons for gratitude from our adoption journey.  I am filled with gratitude...

...for the immediate outpouring of support when we announced our plans to adopt.
...for the Foundation Sunday school class who rallied to pray and lift our family up throughout the various adoption milestones
...for family members far and wide who expressed their support and excitement for our growing family
...for new friends- online and in real life- who have walked the adoption journey before us and 'get it'
...for sweet friends who call to pray for us or plan a 'non traditional' baby shower to love on our family
...for two little boys who's hearts have grown for a sister they have not yet met
...for my crockpot! And the ability to save lots of money by meal planning and cooking at home
...for photography clients and necklace buyers who shop with a purpose and support meaningful things
...for an agency that has guided us through the various steps of this process
...for China and their willingness to allow children a second chance at family through adoption
...for random text messages, garage sale donations, gifted starbucks cards, and unexpected checks in the mail- all evidences of God's heart for the plight of the orphan and His work through His people
...and for the amazing ways God has been working in our family- there are so many lessons and testimonies that it deserves more than a mere mention in a list!

I have created these 'Grateful Hearts' necklaces and bracelets as a final adoption fundraiser.  They are limited quantity and the funds will go towards our in country expenses.  They are available for ANY donation (please add $5 for shipping) and are available on a first come basis.  I hope they will serve as a reminder for all the things we have to be thankful for and also as a little thank you from our family.  If you would like to order, please message or contact me.  We will accept payment via paypal ( and I will ship as quickly as possible- guaranteed shipping before we leave for China and plenty of time before Thanksgiving!

With hearts overflowing with gratitude,

The Nielsen Family

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