Monday, October 12, 2009

birthday wishes

My family celebrates birthdays.... umm, how should I say it... uniquely?  We like to go out to celebrate, like most families.  Celebrations usually include dinner somewhere special and then a time of gifts and dessert. Lately, Mr. I and my place has been the dessert/present location (we're closer to restaurants than R-mona).

So far, everything sounds normal-right?  Dinner usually works pretty well (minus a little social awkwardness that seems to run in the family).  Dessert is usually good too.  But the gift opening is where the unique part comes out.

This weekend we celebrated my mom's birthday.  We went to SD's best BBQ place-

After almost an hour of waiting in line outside, we finally were seated and chowing down into delicious baby back ribs... oh those ribs!  BBQ heaven...

Then we headed back to my house for dessert.  I made these super sweet, super cute little cupcakes, ala Bakerella.

Then we went on to the gifts...

Rule Nr. 1 for Gift Giving:  If the gift can be used to further an ongoing joke or to capitalize on a long running issue of family contention, it is appropriate.  (this trumps any useful or thoughtful gift idea)

Rule Nr. 2 for Gift Giving:  Gnomes are always a good gift.

Rule Nr. 3 for Gift Giving:  If you can't wrap it, if the gift doesn't arrive in time, or for some other foreseen reason (and we've experienced them all!) just wrap up a part of the gift or a picture of it with a note inside.

So here's what my mom got for her birthday:

a snuggie... (a leopard print snuggie I must add)
[note: Rule Nr. 1]

a gnome (who wouldn't hold still during the photos)....
[Rule Nr. 2]

... and a piece of bamboo flooring with a coupon glued on the back.
The coupon is from my dad, good for new floors in my mom's office.
[Rule Nr. 3]

My mom's b-day festivities pretty much sum up a typical Sorrels' Family birthday celebration.  And Christmas too... but then everyone gets to open 'unique' gifts!

Happy Birthday Mom!


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